Enterprise ∑ Who we Are

Olisoy is a dynamic company that not only profits from the experience of its ancestors, but also makes good use of the young, (and) modern spirit of the new generation.

For instance, after starting to export in 1998, we began to commercialise organic oil in 2000 and launched a new brand of flavoured oils in 2002. Recently, in 2005, after a long process, we obtained the NOP (National Organic Programme) certificate that allows us to export organic oil to the USA with the official stamp of the US Department of Agriculture.

Nowadays, Olisoy has a production capacity of 15,000 litres/day and a storage capacity of 470,000 kilos of oil in deposits which guarantee its perfect conservation.

With regards to quality controls, Olisoy analyses not only the organoleptic characteristics of oil throughout the tasting but also the analytic characteristics in order to make sure of the completion of the established regulations.